The original slab of Gaimetal

Gaimetals are mysterious metallic mineral ore found throughout the Gaist Crusher universe.


Metallic in nature,Gaimetals are mineral ores found 50,000 meters (or 160,000 feet) below the Earth's surface.Gaimetals is said to emit a form of energy of unimaginable power,universally measured as "Gaivolt". However,Gaimetals are entirely unstable,as it emits so much Gaivolts that it instantly triggers an activation of a Gaist.When a Gaimetal breaks,or given a small amount of stimulus (i.e. strong energy,gravity,force),it can capable of rapid crystallization,as it sprouts crystal spikes around the broken area.


Gaimetals are first discovered by Professor Dosmea,who later founded and became head of the Gaimetal Research Center. However,during his research on Gaivolts,he also discovered that Gaimetals,when given an amount of stimulus,or accelerating its activation process,can form a Gaist.