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Welcome!! To the Gaist Crusher Archive Wiki. A wiki brought to you, to provide all kinds of information about the Gaist Crusher Series!! Welcome to the soon to be ultimate database for the Gaist Crusher series, created by Capcom.

What is the Gaist Crusher Archive?

It's the soon-to-be ultimate database guide for any Gaist Crusher fan! Providing everyone with as much acurate and detailed information regarding the series, be it the Games, the Anime, or the Manga, or any other Merchandise. Everybody is free to edit. Need any help? Please contact our Admins. They will be sure to help you out!!

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Latest News

June 13,2015:E-Capcom holds a pre-ordering of "Gaist Crusher God [Capcom Special Collection] Soundtrack CD & Illustration Book",amongs other popular Capcom titles,such as "Megaman Star Force","Darkstalkers",and more.Pre-order here !

May 1,2015:The fifth volume of the Gaist Crusher manga was released.See more here ! 

March 13,2015:A new QR Mission has been announced,entitled "Doomsday" (ドゥームズ・デイ).QR is available until April 12 here

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