Gaist Crusher God
Gaist crusher god 3ds cover
Developer(s): Treasure Co. Ltd
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: September 4, 2014
Genre: Customize Equip Action
Character Designer: Yukiko Ishibashi
Media: 3DS Card

Gaist Crusher God (ガイストクラッシャーゴッド Gaisuto Kurasshā Goddo) is an action video game developed by Treasure and published by Capcom. It is a remake sequel of the original Gaist Crusher with more new features. It is the second installment of the Gaist Crusher franchise.

Story Edit

Three months after the events of the first game,Earth is once again attacked by God Gaists,a group of powerful Gaist,led by God Hinokagutsuchi,who plans wipe out humanity of its "impurity".Rekka and the other Gaist Crushers must step in and fight back,with the help of an sentient Gaist named Maikuma (マイクマMaikuma). Meanwhile,Cypher is seems to be up to something big...

New Features Edit

  • All CG scenes have full voice acting.
  • Difficulty on all Story Missions can be set to Easy Mode (NOTE: rewards cannot be obtained).
  • If inheriting the saved data from the previous sequel, you can obtain "Ultimate Zeus".
  • The Screen graphics are enhanced, showing full names of each crushing move.In addition,new character cut-ins are shown.
  • You can cancel your attacks mid-way during Extreme Form.
  • The bottom screen now has a mini-map,and an "Attack Magnifier" gauge.
  • The Parry Dash move,which allows players to dodge an attack before it hits.

List of new Gaist Edit

Type 5 Gaist Edit

Exceed Fenrir
Glory Garuda
Shinobi Orochi
Crystal Unicorn
Blitz Dragoon

Mike Mercury

Aegis Serpent

Lagoon Sea Bishop
Spinning Kamaitachi
Photon Chimera
Brave Drake
Dim Tsuchigumo
Daidaru Kraken
Trans Reaper
Akashic Rudra
Pikakku Argos
Dish Sha Wujing
Aguryi Chohakkai
Teddy Laelaps
Killer Papiruzaku
Ultimate Zeus

Hyper Evolution Gaist Edit

Assassin Papiruzenon

Wild Rairapusa

Pulse Kimairasu

Taisei Goku

God Gaist Edit

God Hinokagutsuchi

God Baldr

God Kronos

God Atum

God Brahma

Colaboration Gaist (Colaboro-Gaist) Edit

* This indicates Gaist that based on Monster Hunter
** This indicates Gaist that based on Sengoku Basara
^ This indicates Gaist that based on outside colaborations
Monster Gaimagara*
Alpha Gaireusu*
Silver Gaireusu*
Alpha · V dragon^
Alpha Pharaon^
Blooded - Yukimura**
Alpha Yukimura**

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