What are Gaist? Edit

Gaist (ガイスト Gaisuto) are metallic lifeforms born from Gaimetals,when given a certain amount of stimulus and/or when a Gaimetal breaks.

Usually,a Gaist's body were entirely encrusted with Gaimetal,making even the most powerful of weapons can't even penetrate or break it. Fortunately,researchers found out that only those with Gaimetal properties can destroy them.

Gaist Type Edit

These are classification of the Gaist by the potential types:

Type 1: The type of Gaist that was usually seen as a small threat.

Type 2: The type of Gaist that was seen as a large threat

Type 3: The type of Gaist that can endangered a entire peninsula

Type 4: The type of Gaist that can destroy an entire continent

Type 5: The type of Gaist that may endangered the entire planet.

List of Gaists Edit

Gaist No. Gaist Name Type Attribute(s) Weakness
001 Flame Fenrir 1 Fire/Sword Wind/Lance
002 Bakuen Fenrion 4 Fire/Sword Wind/Lance
003 Wind Garuda 1 Wind/Scythe Thunder/Hammer
004 Storm Garudia 4 Wind/Scythe Thunder/Hammer
005 Gaia Orochi 1 Gaia/
006 Geo Orojiarg 4 Gaia
007 Blizzard Unicorn 1 Ice/
008 Mirage Unicornia 4