Hayato Kongoji
Japanese 金剛寺ハヤト
Romanji Konkouji Hayato
Age 14
Gender Male
Date of Birth Jan 24th, 2050
Blood Type AB
Height 172cm
Relatives Kohaku Kongoji (younger sister)
Occupation Martial Artist, Gaist Crusher
Affiliation(s) Gaist Crusher Garrison
Gaist Gear(s): Wind Garuda
Storm Garudia
God Baldur (God finale)
Glory Garuda
Game Debut Gaist Crusher
Gaist Crusher God
Anime Debut Episode 02
Appears in Game, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor Yuichi Iguchi


""Thats so Golden!! (キミ、ゴールデンだね!)""
——Hayato's catchphrase

Hayato Kongoji (金剛寺ハヤト Konkouji Hayato?) is one of the protagonists of the Gaist Crusher series. He is the wind attribute crusher of the GCG.


As one the top students of the GCG academy, Hayato is a stunning graduate who became the assistant master of the Kongou Choujin Style temple dojo. His personality is as calm as the wind breezy wind, and quite perfectionistic to do things top notch. In reflection to his style and discipline, he likes to say gold of anything with the word" golden" in it. 


Despite calm and quite perfectionistic at anything,Hayato tend to act weird when it comes to his friend's antics,especially if it's Rekka's idea.

He has a warming relationship with his sister Kohaku,whom he cares deeply.


Much as his element implies,Hayato is fast and swift,capable of making hard,but quick strikes at his enemies.

Gaist ArtsEdit

As an advanced martial arts practitioner of the Kongou Choujin Style, Hayato moves recur many different moves balanced around offense, defense, and swiftness.

  • Secret Technique: Whirlwind Palm of Gold (奥義・黄金旋風掌) When he jumps into the air and hold out his palm wind surounds his body than lash out all at once.