Rekka Shirogane
Japanese 白銀レッカ
Romanji Shirogane Rekka
Age 13
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 5th, 2051
Blood Type B
Height 161.8cm
Relatives Gouka Shirogane (father)
Hinoko Shirogane (mother)
Rin Shirogane (elder sister)
Occupation Student, Gaist Crusher
Affiliation(s) Gaist Crusher Garrison
Gaist Gear(s): Flame Fenrir
Bakuen Fenrion
God Hinokagu-tsuchi (God finale)
Exceed Fenrir
Game Debut Gaist Crusher
Gaist Crusher God
Anime Debut Episode 01
Appears in Game, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor Daiki Yamashita

""Being largely fed is especially pep!! (ご飯大盛り!元気特盛り!)""
——Rekka's catchphrase

Rekka Shirogane (白銀レッカ Shirogane Rekka?) is the main protagonist of the Gaist Crusher series. He is the fire attribute crusher of the GCG.


Rekka Shirogane is a seventh grader who attends the Tekkou High School . He is a short tempered, fun loving and a boy that dreams to do anything with fiery determination. He sports the colour red that reflects his hair, the element of fire, and his poor grades. His favorite food are the lunch boxes made from his family's own restaurant.


Outgoing and very friendly,Rekka is generally nice person,though his hot-blooded often gets into fight quite often. He genuinely cares for his friends,and was not afraid to step into dangerous situations,just to keep them inspired.

He usually treats everyone as his equal,the exception being Cypher,whom he help believe about life,and Sango ,who he treats more of a sister than a friend and ally.


Despite being a balanced fighter,Rekka usually rushes in without thinking,leaving him completely beaten up most of the time. However,he make up for it by refusing to give up no matter what.

Gaist ArtsEdit

  • Super Explosive Flaming Blow Bullet (超爆・烈火爆裂弾): Rekka's signature crushing move, when he winds his punch while charging energy, and delivering it in one highly explosive punch.
  • Scorching Round Wave (灼熱円斬波): Rekka's crushing move when using large swords during weapon form.
  • Summer Death Brand (サーマルデスブランド): Rekka's crushing move when using large scythes during weapon form.
  • X-Inferno (X-インフェルノ): Rekka's crushing move when using dual gauntlets during weapon form.
  • Blazing Pressure (ブレイシングプレッシャー): Rekka's crushing move when using hammers during weapon form.
  • Flame Crisis (フレイムクライシス): Rekka's crushing move when using dual pistols.
  • Destruction Volcano (デストラクションボルケーノ): Rekka's crushing move when in gun-elemental weapon form.

Other AttacksEdit

  • Flame Wolf Blade (炎狼剣): Flame Fenrir's weapon form.
  • Tail Blade (ティルブレイド): Rekka does a spinning-roll attack with the blade on its tail. It is done using either Flame Fenrir or Bakuen Fenriorn in Extreme Form mode.